Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hello all my homies!
In my efforts to keep up with home and to keep an interesting, possibly entertaining, record of events for myself, I'm creating this online journal.

So far, things in London are fine. Homesickness has only strongly affected me a couple days out of the 19 days I've been here - not that I'm counting. I've met some absolutely wonderful people - without them I would be having a much more difficult time adjusting. I'm settling into some of my regular weekly meetings and started to get a handle on what my job duties will be here.

Here's what I'm actually doing over here --
Every morning (except Mondays and Saturdays) begins with Morning Prayer at 9am - a very traditional Anglican morning prayer practice. Lots of "Our Father"s and "Glory be"s.

Mondays - my light day.

- 5:30 I help with Beavers (young Boy Scouts)
- Lead Youth group 7:30 - 9pm.


- Church staff meeting
- Pram Service (little toddler worship - real cute), then toddler play time
- Serve Communion to homebound church members and do other house visits
- Help with Prayer/Bible study group (last night lasted until past 11pm)


- Morning Mass and tea (tea is after EVERYTHING here, whether its at 8am or 11pm)
- If writing prayers or anything for Sunday worship, complete it and get it proofed
- Help with Guides (Girls Scouts) 7:30 - 9pm


- Finalize, proof and copy worship bulletins for Sunday
- Organization and random task day -- I'm now doing things like setting up an address book from which labels can be printed and updating the phone records and starting to collect email addresses (novel concepts)
- Help teach Alpha course (beginning Oct)

- Random errand day - walk miles to do random things for the vicar
- Finish prep for Youth and Scouts for next week
- Help run Scouts (older group) 7:30 - 9pm

Saturdays --- my day off!

- Do one or more of several things at services (preach, lead, serve, sing, read, etc.)
Services are 8am, 9:30am, and 11:15am
- Evening services every Sunday - either at Holy Trinity or visit another church in London

So, yeah, with the exception of heading to the pub and my occassional London City excursions, that is my life.


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